Fundraiser for New Website Successful

The Reform Party’s recent efforts to raise money for a new website were successful. The party raised twice as much as it needed for the new website. The expenditures were approved on Monday Night’s executive meeting, and development of the new website will begin immediately. The party leadership would like to thank everyone that donated for our cause. The surplus funds will, as promised, be used to fund the Communications Committee.

Jeff Richards Appointed Chairman of the Communications Committee

The Reform Party Executive Committee met on Monday January 26th, and elected Jeffery Richards as chairman of the Reform Party Communications Committee. Jeff Richards is an experienced Reform Party member with an extensive background in political campaigning. He is also the chairman of the Reform Party of Nevada and served on the Reform Party’s Convention Committee in 2012. Prior to being elected, he was the committee’s vice-chairman.

Reform Party Raising Money for New Website

The Reform Party of the United States of America is raising money to fund a new website and the Communications Committee. The Communications Committee is tasked with the maintaining the Reform Party website, internal communications and external public relations. Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley has agreed to match the first 100 dollars in donations, and has sent out numerous communications through varies means asking for members and supporters to donate. If you would like to donate, please do you can do so on our contributions pages.

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