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The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party that sits in the center of the political spectrum. It has moderate fiscal and economic platforms mixed with strong calls for ethics and electoral reform based on populist beliefs. We invite you to come in and look around.

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Reform Party Old Guard Rallies to Rebuild Indiana by Nicholas Hensley - The Reform Party is happy to to announce that past members from the Perot era have stepped forward to reorganize the Reform Party of Indiana. If you wish to help reorganize the Reform Party of Indiana, please email us at info@reformparty.org and we will connect you to the proper contacts.
Ronald Kimmons Runs for US House District 7 by Nicholas Hensley - Reform Party Candidate Ronald Kimmons is running for the 7th District US House of Representatives Seat in Texas. Ronald Kimmons was born in Houston, Texas, in 1983. He grew up in Texas, graduating from Madisonville High School. He is the fifth of nine children. As an undergraduate, he attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He took a break from his studies from 2004 to 2006 to serve as a full-time missionary in southern Taiwan. He then returned to BYU, where he received BA degrees in English and Chinese. He completed his studies in December 2009, which is also when...
Reform Party of Florida Starts New Facebook Page by Nicholas Hensley - The Reform Party of Florida is now on Facebook. It is possible to visit there page by clicking on this link.
I Am an American by Nicholas Hensley - Syndicated from the Reform Party of Chicago I am an American – Bill Wojtas In the earliest years of the twentieth century, all four of my grandparents emigrated here from Eastern Europe to escape the ravages of war, poverty and hunger. To be honest, I can’t even say that they came from Poland, because in 1903, Poland as we know it didn’t exist. My Father’s parents came from what was known as Galicia, which was controlled by the Austrian Empire and their entry documents indicate that they are Austrian. My Mother’s side, from the Warsaw area was occupied by German...
Reform Party Reorganizing Oklahoma, Alabama and Connecticut Affiliates by Nicholas Hensley - The Reform Party has boots on the ground in Oklahoma, Alabama and Connecticut. Organizers have volunteered to aid the Reform Party in rebuilding these affiliates. If you are interested in helping the Reform Party, and working towards rebuilding these states, please contact a Reform Party representative by emailing the party at info@reformparty.org.