HBGary Federal Should be Shuttered, Hunton & Williams Brought Before the Bar

If you haven’t seen the news already…It turns out that the US Chamber of Commerce, fearful of further cyber-attacks by “hactivist” group Anonymous and also dreading a propaganda war with various other activist groups, tasked their legal counsel Hunton & Williams with obtaining improved cyber-security contracts and also with getting proposals for a proactive defense against these groups.

An Open Statement to HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr

For more information on the situation, do a news search for HBGary Federal Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Barr,

I have been following the news regarding HBGary Federal's attempts to use borderline illegal if not truly illegal means to identify and smear activists here on US soil.  If not truly illegal, they still violate every basic precept of Constitutional protections we hold dear and violate every ethic that we believe makes us Americans.