Democrats and Republicans Vote Against Fiscal Responsibility, Fail To Pass Balanced Budget Amendment

In a dramatic display of just how uncommitted Democrats and Republicans are to restoring fiscal responsibility to the federal government, members from both parties failed to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on Friday. The vote, which was included in legislation that Congress passed just a few months ago when it voted to increase the nation’s debt ceiling beyond $14 trillion, was opposed by a large group of Democrats as well as some Republicans.


Louisiana Reform Party Secures Ballot Line

Reform Party Candidate Breaks Through Two-Party Glass Ceiling:
Alexandrenko Secures Ballot Access for Party Next Election Cycle


Belinda Alexandrenko, Reform Party candidate for Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry secured almost 6% of the vote in last week’s statewide election and in some precincts polled in the double digits.  This was despite being a political outsider and running only a regional campaign on a shoestring budget.