Monthly Archive: September 2016

Sep 19 2016

Interview with Reform Party Candidate Roque De La Fuente

Recent, the Reform Party Presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente sat down for an Interview with Independent Political Report. Here is an excert:

Gemma:  On foreign policy issues, what are your main concerns — how do they set you apart from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

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Sep 12 2016

Actions of Arkansas Secretary of State Show Corruption, or Something More

When Reform Party Presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente submitted petitions for ballot access, the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office accepted the submission. It was declared that Roque De La Fuente met the requirements to obtain ballot access. Days later Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin reversed the decision citing “sore loser” laws.

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Sep 09 2016

Reform Party Presidential Candidate Roque De La Fuente on Ballot in Florida and Elsewhere

Reform Party Presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente will be on the Florida ballot, and the Florida Board of Elections has accepted the Reform Party’s slate of electors. It is important to be on the Florida ballot, because it is the most important swing state in the country, and has the best chance of swinging the presidential election one way or the other. Roque De La Fuente used a large amount of resources in Florida towards his senate primary race, and much of the recognition he received in that race will carry over to the general election.

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Sep 04 2016

Three States Are Attempting to Keep Reform Party Presidential Candidate Off of Ballot

Reform Party Members and Supporters,

I am glad to announce that the Reform Party’s Presidential candidate, Roque De La Fuente, has gained ballot access in about thirty states. This is a big step up for us, as we have not been on this number of state ballots since 2004. As we regain strength however, the political establishment will attempt to stop us – as they always have.

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