Jul 29 2015

Reform Party Store’s Net Profits Quadruple

The Reform Party Executive Committee has announced that the life time net profit made from the Reform Party store has quadrupled. These gains have been made in the last six months as a direct result of increased sales, and an improvement in the party’s marketing strategy.

“Sales have been stagnant for awhile, and we hoped that a consistent marketing strategy would improve overall revenues,” said Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley, “the results show that we were correct”.

The Reform Party store through Queensboro sales an array of textile apparel including polos, buttons up shirts, bags and hats. The net profits generated from the store are then used to fund the party’s day to day operations.

“Having a constant, steady lines of revenue for the party is important for growth,” Hensley added. “Hopefully we can ramp up sales and increase revenues even more in the future”.

The Reform store can be found at http://reformparty.qbstores.com. To find out more about the Reform Party, it is possible to visit the Reform Party’s main website at www.reformparty.org or email a Reform Party representative at info@reformparty.org.

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