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Reform Party Chairman’s Message

The Reform Party needs you, and you need the Reform Party.  The days of  simply  selecting a  Republican or Democrat  is over.  We can already tell that their days may be numbered.
People from all over the United States are looking for a fresh alternative to the status quo. People are looking for a reasonable, common sense party in which we can recommend fair trade (not free trade), a balanced budget (as compared to deficit spending) and a goal of making our country better for our children and our children’s children.We as Americans need reform in Washington DC and in every state throughout our great country. We must establish, build and expand  Reform Parties in each state, all sharing a common goal. A goal to benefit America.I plan on rolling up my sleeves and working hard in this position. As a volunteer, I want to make a difference for my family and yours. I need your help. I need your support. I need your energy.
Together, we can make a difference and we can take back American Values and the America which we all have a right to be proud of.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.

Reform Party National Committee

1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716


Fax: 631-563-7719


Chairman 2017 – 2020

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