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Reform Party Chairman’s Message

You have more than two choices. The Democrats and Republicans have tried to marginalize the third, fourth, fifth and six choices for decades, but there are challengers working to take American politics back from the special interests. The two incumbent parties don’t want you to know, because if you do, you will vote the Republicans and Democrats out of office.

Look at the incumbents’ failures. The National Debt is spiraling out of control, and growing larger every day. For the benefit of special interests’ profit, American jobs are being exported overseas to countries that exploit people, communities and environments with little regard for human compassion or the welfare of the planet.

Instead of solving these problems, that they created, incumbent career politicians are preoccupied with giving favors to special interests in return for campaign contributions, and spending on wasteful pork in return for votes. As a result, America is sliding deeper into debt, and America’s manufacturing base continues to shrink.

America needs reform in Washington. That reform will have to start at the ballot box, by voting for choices that have the needs of the people in mind, and not the wants of the special interests.

The Reform Party fills that need. For over twenty years the Reform Party has been fighting for the sixty percent of moderate voters that are ignored by the Democrats and Republicans in Washington. The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party with mainstream ideas and common sense approach to today’s problems.

The Reform Party is reaching out to you. Without your support in building our organization, and voting for our candidates, the Republicans and Democrats will continue to ignore America’s problems. With your support, we can achieve our mission of voting in true representation that will fix the failures of career incumbents.

How are you willing to help?


David Collison,
Reform Party National Committee
Chairman 2012 – 2016
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