Current Efforts

As the Reform Party of the United States blazes a new path in America politics, our activities are aimed towards organizational building, recruiting new members, building infrastructure and supporting candidates for office. Our efforts support party growth, and improving the Reform Party’s voice in politics. These are our current efforts:

Building a National Donor Base

No political organization can exist without a stable string of income. The Reform Party is working on reaching out to donors to raise money, and build a consistent, reliable income string. If you wish to donate, please visit our contribution page.

Building State Organizations Through Local Outreach

The Reform Party is actively building new party organizations while improving on those that exist. To do this, we are networking political activists in states with no structured Reform Party organizations and allowing them to grow the party through grassroots organizing. In states with existing Reform Party structures, our members are improving their organizations through local outreach.

If you wish to get involved with building organizations, please visit our state party page.

Improving Knowledge and Resources

Most small parties fail due to a lack of knowledge. In many cases people wish to get involved, but don’t know how. The Reform Party is overcoming this barrier by working on how-to manuals for new organizers, and building a collection of resources aimed at helping organizers build at a local level.

If you wish to work with our National Communications Committee, please email Nicholas Hensley at

Supporting Candidates

To represent Reform Party principles, we are looking for candidates to run for local offices. These candidates are the face of the party, and their campaigns bring the Reform Party’s message to the local population. If you wish to see our list of current candidates, you may do so by visiting our candidate page.