Jul 31 2018

Alan Reynolds Advances to General Election

Alan Reynolds, an Engineer and former City Commissioner in South Pasadena is running for CA Assembly, District 41. He has advanced from the primary to the general election.

Alan is a former Independent/Americans-Elect candidate for CA Lt. Governor in 2014 and recently termed out after 2 terms on the South Pasadena Freeway & Transportation Commission.

Mr. Reynolds holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and grew up in the district and is now raising his children in the local public school system. He has looked for ways to be engaged locally in the community and sees a civic duty in running for office, stating:

“At this time the incumbent is running unopposed. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts or opinions on any individual politician, I feel that there should always be at least a second option available to people.”

Choosing to focus his campaign on anti-corruption, electoral and campaign-finance reform. He has stated that he would like to bring a modern, trans-partisan perspective and an engineering problem solving background, not a partisan rhetoric, argumentative, one and will not fund-raise and/or campaign for a 2nd term.

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