Oct 31 2015

Alan Reynolds Running for LA County Supervisor

Alan Reynolds is running for LA County Supervisor. Here is an exert from his website:

“First of all, I hate politics. I’m disgusted by how it brings out the worst in people. But I view it as a necessary evil that should not be surrendered only to those who glory in it.

I have come to realize that I will not find success in electoral politics due to the expenditure of time or money, as I am lacking in sufficient quantities of either to compete head to head. Instead I must rely on simple messages which (hopefully) resonate with people.

When it comes down to it I am just a regular guy who is tired of all the political Bull Shit. I am tired of feeling like those we elect to “represent us” are out of touch with our every-day issues and lives. That is further compounded by a situation where so many people don’t have the time or energy to participate in our political system, or don’t feel like it will make a difference because of the money influencing the system or some rigged game promoting the status quo.

We end up with more lawyers because they can “win arguments” and they have money. We end up with re-elected incumbents due to name recognition and the attention they can pay to being re-elected while other candidates have to work at their actual jobs for a living.

I run on the simple platform that I have outlined because those are the things I view as top priorities in getting the process of real citizen government headed back in the right direction for our future. Yes there are many other important issues, but these simple things are where it starts.

I run because someone has to stand up and say “Enough is enough, we need people in government who are not perfect reflections of what is expected, but who are real people fighting to do what is right for all of us!”

Thank you for reading and please feel free to add your input as this process is supposed to be inclusive of all of us, not reliant on a few individuals making decisions on their own.” – Alan Reynolds for LA County Supervisor

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