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Name: Nicholas Hensley
Date registered: March 29, 2016

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Jul 29 2015

Reform Party Store’s Net Profits Quadruple

The Reform Party Executive Committee has announced that the life time net profit made from the Reform Party store has quadrupled. These gains have been made in the last six months as a direct result of increased sales, and an improvement in the party’s marketing strategy.

“Sales have been stagnant for awhile, and we hoped that a consistent marketing strategy would improve overall revenues,” said Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley, “the results show that we were correct”.

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Jul 27 2015

Reform Party Old Guard Rallies to Rebuild Indiana

The Reform Party is happy to to announce that past members from the Perot era have stepped forward to reorganize the Reform Party of Indiana. If you wish to help reorganize the Reform Party of Indiana, please email us at and we will connect you to the proper contacts.

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Jul 20 2015

Ronald Kimmons Runs for US House District 7

Reform Party Candidate Ronald Kimmons is running for the 7th District US House of Representatives Seat in Texas.

Ronald Kimmons was born in Houston, Texas, in 1983. He grew up in Texas, graduating from Madisonville High School. He is the fifth of nine children.

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Jun 17 2015

Reform Party of Florida Starts New Facebook Page

The Reform Party of Florida is now on Facebook. It is possible to visit there page by clicking on this link.

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Mar 19 2015

Reform Party Statement on Republican Letter to Iran

Recently forty-seven GOP senators, led by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, sent an open letter to Iran. This letter highlights both the dysfunction of the United States government, and the dysfunction of the Republican Party.

This letter was aimed at President Obama as he entered nuclear talks with Iran, and geared towards disrupting diplomatic discussions between Iran and the United States. In doing so, the Republicans in the Senate allowed partisan battles to be played out on an international stage. Instead of allowing the United States to show strength in these nuclear talks, this production made the United States appear weak and divided.

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Mar 19 2015

Reform Party Reaffirms Stance on Trade

For over twenty years, the United States government has sold out American Manufacturing using “free trade” agreements. These trade deals, such as NAFTA and WTO, have created an uneven playing field for American businesses, and led to the outsourcing of American jobs.

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