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Mar 31 2018

Alan Reynolds Running For California Assembly District 41

Alan Reynolds, an Engineer and former City Commissioner in South Pasadena is running for CA Assembly, District 41.

Alan is a former Independent/Americans-Elect candidate for CA Lt. Governor in 2014 and recently termed out after 2 terms on the South Pasadena Freeway & Transportation Commission.

Mr. Reynolds holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and grew up in the district and is now raising his children in the local public school system. He has looked for ways to be engaged locally in the community and sees a civic duty in running for office, stating:

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Feb 07 2018

Reform Party Announces Better Than Expected Fundraising Returns

The Reform Party National Committee has gotten a good start to the New Year. Since the first of the year, we have seen higher then average fundraising totals. With the elections coming up in November, this new cash on hand puts us in a better position to make an impact on the country. Even a donation of a single dollar through Paypal will help us achieve political reform in the United States. That you for your support!

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Aug 30 2017

Reform Party Officers Statement on Hurricane Harvey

The officers of the Reform Party National Committee would like to offer our hearts and prayers to the people of Houston. Hurricane Harvey did billions of dollars in damage to Texas, and it will take years to rebuild. We would like to ask everyone to keep those affected by Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers. We would also like to ask everyone that is able to donate to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts to do so.

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Aug 29 2017

Statement on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey, a category four hurricane, battered Texas with wind and a record amount of rain. Flooding and storm damage has displaced thousands of people, and many are in need. The Reform Party would like to urge all those that can to donate to disaster relief organizations that are helping to clean up and rebuild.

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Aug 21 2017

Reform Party Statement on the Deterioration of CSX Services

CSX takes taxpayer dollars for the use of their tracks for AMTRAK trains. CSX takes taxpayer subsidies. CSX takes infrastructure grants from the US government, paid for out of general funds. Under the management of the new CEO, Hunter Harrison, taxpayer subsidized services on CSX tracks have been affected by gross negligence.

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Aug 12 2017

Reform Party Statement on UVA Situation

The situation at the University of Virginia reminds us that hate still exists in the country, and that no matter how far we move as a society, that the fringe right will stand against progress. The actions of Nazis, Neo-Confederates and Klansman in Virginia symbolize the worst in American politics, and showcases to the world the ignorance of a few. Violence and hatred these fools advocate should have no place in American discourse.

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