Aug 20 2016

Chairman Collison on Louisiana Ballot Access Effort

I’d like to tell you a little bit about dedication to the cause of REFORM.

In the midst of the worst natural disaster since Katrina, the Reform Party leadership in Louisiana were among those who suffered significant losses. Many of them lost their homes and for almost a week had no ability to communicate outside the area. We will be helping to raise money for our members who lost so much.

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Aug 17 2016

Darcy Richardson to Appear on This Week in America on Thursday

Former Reform Party Presidential candidate Darcy Richardson will appear on This Week in America on Thursday. Darcy Richardson ran for the Reform Party nomination in both 2012 against Andre Barnett and 2016 against Roque De La Fuente. In 2012 he also ran for the Democratic nomination as a protest to the policies of Barack Obama.

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Aug 17 2016

Roque De La Fuente Files Lawsuit Over Oklahoma Ballot Access

Reform Party Presidential Candidate Roque De Le Fuente has joined with Green Party nominee Jill Stein to file a lawsuit over Oklahoma ballot access laws in federal court.  This lawsuit sites “an unnecessarily early petition filing deadline, and unnecessarily high petition signature requirement”.

Oklahoma is notorious for keeping minor parties off the ballot. It takes 25,000 valid petition signatures for a candidate to receive ballot access. These signatures must be turned in by July 15th. The last time a minor party candidate achieved ballot access was in 2000, when Pat Buchanan ran on the Reform Party line. The last time that an independent was balloted in Oklahoma was Ross Perot in the1992.

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Aug 14 2016

Reform Party Hits the Campaign Trail

With less than one hundred days before the election, members of the Reform Party are hitting the campaign trail to support Roque De Le Fuente and other Reform Party candidates.

Nicholas Hensley is the Reform Party’s National Secretary, and a veteran campaigner. “I’ve put together numerous press releases, I’ve done a half dozen interviews, and I’ve talked to hundreds of voters already. We’ve been on the campaign trail for less than a week”.

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Aug 13 2016

Secretary’s Letter Announcing Roque De La Fuente as Presidential Nominee

Originally from the night of August 8th, 2016.

Reform Party Members,

Once again the Reform Party of the United States will field a contender for the Presidency.  Through the efforts of party organizers, and the campaign staffers of our candidate, we currently have approximately twenty five ballot lines for the general election. Realistically, by election day, we have a chance at ballot access in forty two states.

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Aug 10 2016

Official Interview with National Secretary Nicholas Hensley

The National Reform Party Secretary, Nicholas Hensley, has been making the rounds. His recent interviews have been highly rated by his peers, and were well received by anti-establishment activists. After some consideration, we have decided to post a sample interview on the National Website.

What is the Reform Party?

The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party that is neither liberal nor conservative. It sits in the middle of the political spectrum as opposition to the Democrats and Republicans. It was formed in 1995 by followers of Ross Perot. Perot won 19 percent of the vote in the 1992 election.

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