A political party’s candidates are a representation of the party’s principles. The Reform Party is constantly seeking ethical and respectable candidates that are willing to fight for reform. Our banner is well guarded, and not everyone can carry it. Our candidates are vetted before they are endorsed to ensure respectability.

The Reform Party supports candidates for local, state and federal office. Those that wish to run, and have the Reform Party endorsement receive as much backing as the party can provide.

Are you willing to represent the Reform Party’s values?

Standard Bearers for 2014:

William “Cleave” Drummond – Florida’s Second Congressional District

William Drummond lives in Chipley, Florida. A former Democrat, he joined the Reform Party out of frustration with the two incumbent parties. He is a small business owner that works as a web and graphic design contractor, and understand the needs of entrepreneurs. He also believes that the American public deserve better access to healthcare and education.

Alan Reynolds – Lt. Governor of California

Alan Reynolds is a local city commissioner, engineer and small business owner from California. He has a college degree in from USC in Aerospace Engineering, and owns Reynolds Sales and Consulting. Alan believes in independent thinking, meritocracy, integrity and fiscal responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Candidates”

  1. I would be interested in running for virginia governor…or congress…or anything that could make this country better….instead of worse…enough of the donkey and the elephant…

  2. We keep doing the same things again and again, let’s change tactics, why not stop it before it happens instead of reacting later.

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