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Current Candidates

A political party’s candidates represent their organization’s principles. The Reform Party is constantly seeking ethical and respectable candidates that are willing to fight for reform. Our banner is well guarded, and not everyone can carry it. Our candidates are vetted before they are endorsed to ensure respectability.

The Reform Party supports candidates for local, state and federal office. Those that wish to run, and have the Reform Party endorsement receive as much backing as the party can provide.

Are you willing to represent the Reform Party’s values? info@reformparty.org

Endorsed Independent Candidates for 2014:

Write-in Barry Gurney or John Rhodes for US Senate – North Carolina

Barry Gurney and John Rhodes were endorsed by the Reform Party of North Carolina due to their lack of personal and political baggage. Both candidates are running independently of any party, and are true independents that will put North Carolinian voters before party establishments and special interest groups.

Write in Shawn Eckles for North Carolina 9th Congressional District

The Reform Party of North Carolina announced that it will make an unsolicited endorsement of Shawn Eckles for the 9th Congressional District. Shawn Eckles is running independent of any party against Republican Robert Pittenger. The Democratic Party did not field any candidates for the 9th District Congressional Race. The Reform Party of North Carolina made this endorsement, because the local membership prefered his independent thinking over Pittenger’s use of the party line.

Write in Louis Harmati for North Carolina 7th Congressional District

The Reform Party of North Carolina made an unsolicited endorsement of Louis Harmati a write in candidate vying to replace Mike McIntyre. This district has been held by a Democrat for since 1899. Louis Harmati is looking to break the 115 year Democratic winning streak.


  1. Oct 7, 2013
    12:59 am

    Grant Manning

    I am interested in running for some sort of office in 2014
    I live in Indiana and will be too young to run for any national office at that time

  2. Oct 10, 2013
    7:31 pm

    Julie Robbins-Muff

    I’m from Randolph County, North Carolina. I am happy to hear about Nicholas Hensley; get in there Mr. Hensley. North Carolina has been waiting for you! I was a co-coordinator for Randolph County, NC; the last time Perot ran. ** Randolph County did very well. The vote percentage was higher than the national average. ** Change is blowing in the wind **

  3. Oct 10, 2013
    7:40 pm

    Julie Robbins-Muff

    Good luck to you Lee Sowers – Charlotte City Council District 1

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