Past Office Holders

The Reform Party has consistantly had a presence in office since 1998. Even in difficult times for the party, it has maintained at least one local office holder over the last fifteen years. This illustrates that the Reform Party can and does win political elections. Here is a list of former Reform Party office holders.

  • Jesse Ventura – Governor of Minnesota (1998 – 2000), left the party in 2000
  • Mae Schunk – Lt. Governor of Minnesota (1998-2000), left the party in 2000
  • Bob Acker – Board of Trustees, Mead Colorado (2004 – 2012), term limited out and elected to another office
  • Janice Miller – City Council, Oldsmar Florida, founding member and Perot supporter. Passed away while in office in 2014
  • Diane McKelvey – Board of Supervisors, Colon, Michigan retired from office


  • Daniel Hernandez
    May 25, 2014

    Please please please run for president Mr. Ventura our country needs you.

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