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Category Archives: Latest Updates

The Republicans and Democrats use ballot access restrictions to maintain power. Several states in the Union have  ballot access requirements that are so strenuous, minor parties waste all of their resources obtaining them. Then to defend their ballot access, those minor parties have to obtain a large number of votes, but have no resources remaining to do so.

I was a Blue Dog Democrat. That was back when I thought my bark and bite meant something to the progressives. That was back before I knew the Blue Dog Democrats were disposable.

The William Drummond for Congress campaign will host a teleconference on Wednesday 4-16-14 at 7pm central time. This call will take place on the Communication Committee’s telephone line. This will be a live chat. You are invited to participate. He held a previous teleconference on 4-11-14 and donors stepped out of the shadows to contribute to his campaign.

Communications Chair Nicholas Hensley will write a handwritten thank you letter on Reform Party stationary for anyone that donates to the Drummond campaign during the teleconference. You will have to send him your contact information at ncreformparty@yahoo.com

Dear Reform Party Members and Supporters,

Part of the Reform Party’s mission is to achieve a presence in Washington, and bring honest leadership and real solutions to Americans governance. This year Florida’s Second District is one of the hottest races in the country. Republican Incumbent Steve Sutherland and Democratic Challenger Gwen Graham are set to spend over a million dollars each in the most contentious Congressional race of 2014.

For Immediate Release - William Drummond is a well spoken man with settle hints of his Southern raise. He pronounces each sound perfectly except he occasional “thanks” an idea or uses a local argot that would be unknown to those outside the region.

April 2nd, 2014 is a sad day for the American people. Several hours ago the US Supreme Court overturned rules on political contribution limits, and opened the door for special interest to buy the political system. It stands as the worst Supreme Court decision on speech since Citizens United.