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Category Archives: Latest Updates

Joe Vodenichar will hold an organization meeting in Guildford County at the Kickback Jacks located at 1600 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC. The meeting will be held on July 7th at 6:30pm. This meeting will serve as an organization meeting to recruit organizers and leaders for the Reform Party’s efforts. Nicholas Hensley is planning a follow up meeting in Raleigh to be announced later.

The Reform Party of Guildford County, NC is Meeting at Kickback Jacks located at 1600 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, N.C. at 6:30 PM on June 2nd. We’ll meet on the covered patio area. It is open to all that wish to join the Reform Party of the USA. If you would like further information call Joe at 336-455-1394.

The North Carolina Reform Party in Greensboro, N.C. is holding an organizational meeting on May 5th at 6 PM at Golden Corral on Lawndale Ave. You must purchase a meal at G.C. to enter the meeting room. We will meet there on the first Monday of each month for the next three months. In July, the registered members of the Reform Party will vote to stay at G.C. or another meeting place. For more information contact Joe at joevodenichar@yahoo.com or call 336-455-1394. I will be inviting 50 people from the Greensboro area to attend, but all unaffiliated voters are welcome to attend.

Gerrymandering is a product of the spoils system. It is a tactic the two major parties use to take and maintain offices at the expense of the American People, and it has to end. Gerrymandering is the art of drawing district lines to pack as many straight line voting party members into a district, so that it will always elect a representative from a single party. It reduces competition and silences the voice of independent voters.

The American political system has turned into a spoils system, and all things go to the winner. Looking at the political appointees of the governors and presidents, it’s possible to see a pattern of nepotism. This nepotism must be addressed, because it has reduced the efficiency of government.