Aug 20 2016

Chairman Collison on Louisiana Ballot Access Effort

I’d like to tell you a little bit about dedication to the cause of REFORM.

In the midst of the worst natural disaster since Katrina, the Reform Party leadership in Louisiana were among those who suffered significant losses. Many of them lost their homes and for almost a week had no ability to communicate outside the area. We will be helping to raise money for our members who lost so much.

To help take the load off those folks, Reform Party members from across the country sprang into action, working with state members to obtain the documentation required to ensure the members and voters of Louisiana would still have a Reform choice for President at the ballot box.

It wasn’t easy. Many of our folks couldn’t be contacted. Some electors had no access to electronic communication. Others could not access a functioning notary due to the disaster. In the end, success turned on our candidate, Rocky De La Fuente, sending people out in vehicles to drive hours from Alabama to Louisiana in order to contact the last remaining elector and get their notarized affidavit. We submitted the documentation required this afternoon.

When the State Chairman Belinda Alexandrenko, who had suffered great loss during this storm, heard what we were able to accomplish, she spent time thanking us for our efforts. In the midst of her loss, she thanked us.

You want teamwork? That’s teamwork. You want dedication? That’s dedication. You want selfless devotion to bettering the country in the face of adversity? That’s what it looks like.

I want to personally thank Belinda Alexandrenko, long time Reform Party member and State Chair, and encourage you all to consider donating to her family in their time of need.

Thank you

David Collison
Chairman, Reform Party National Committee

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