The Reform Party Community is composed of every member and supporter in every state, territory and the District of Columbia. All members are invited to use our networking resources to connect with organizers in their state and across the country. Currently you can connect with the community by using the social networking buttons in the header, the forum and the chat room, but we are expanding and have plans to build a vast array of networking tools for use by our membership.

How can you further our community?

5 thoughts on “Community”

  1. What were the vital issues that the reform party had to deal with the it was first founded

  2. In 1996, we opposed free trade agreements like NAFTA, campaigned for a balance budget and fought for ethics reform. To this day, these issues have not been settled so we carry on the fight.

  3. Who tends to belong to the reform party and what region of the nation or state tends to support the reform party

  4. Most of the Reform Party members are people that are stuck between the Democrats and Republicans. A lot of us are too moderate to align with the left and the right.

  5. I would like to see further details of our platform worked out. For example, in regards to the national debt, is it the party’s position to move away from Keynesian economics completely and support the Austrian school theory of Hayek in order to address the issue? And do we have any experts within our Party’s support that could explain the benefits of platform stances to the average American in some sort of series of articles possibly to be posted on national, state, and county websites? For instance, simple explanations (as simple as they can be made) of why Keynesian economic stimulus spending by our government is a risky endeavor and counter offer the reader some information as to why the Reform Party’s stance would be a different and better approach. I’m no expert, but some professional accreditation to platform issues (when possible) could factor into recruiting efforts to grow the party’s numbers to what they once were and thensome. AND, what about printable platform stance pages, printable door hangar templates, printable flyer, brochure, and poster templates so recruiters can print everything they need at home to spread the word. I have so much more to comment on and ask, it hurts. We have the technology of the internet to carry the party’s platform to those who’ve supported these ideas for years but haven’t even realized it. 58% of Americans feel a need for a VIABLE 3rd party and the Libertarians have had since 1971 to deliver, but haven’t. Record high numbers of voters are registered as “Independent” (42-50%). The numbers for our support are out there, they just need to be collected into an organized effort behind a single party entity, let’s get it. I will channel my other ideas, concerns, and interests through the state party office. But help us supporters help you. As I voted for Ross Perot twice in ’92 and ’96, I am once again excited about this party’s potential!

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