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Join the Reform Party

To find honest leadership and real solution, the United States needs those willing to take a stand. The Reform Party needs leaders willing to take charge in building state affiliates, organizing the local ground game, and representing the party by running for office.

State leaders are responsible for overseeing the reorganization of state Reform Party affiliates. These unique individuals are the driving force behind the Reform Party’s rise to success. State leaders are responsible for putting together plans to build state level organizations, recruit new members and build an infrastructure that can compete with local Democratic and Republican organizations.

Local organizers are the basic building blocks of all political organizers. The local precinct and county organizers are the most powerful force of any grassroots movement. This group elects state leadership, meets with the general public, spreads the Reform Party message and provides the manpower required for the success of a political organization.

Candidates are the face of a political party. A party’s candidate brings the party’s message to the people, and represents the party’s principles when in office. Without good candidates to rally around, parties find it tough to win favor with the local communities.

How can you lead? Join the Reform Party by contacting a representative at info@reformparty.org.


If you are still on the fence about joining and want to know more, or want to join in the discussion. You can vist our Facebook and Twitter to discuss issues, party build and/or running for office with long time members and party leaders.


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