The Reform Party has begun creating petitions based on its platform. The party sees petitioning as a way to gain exposure for its stances and improve its visibility. In addition the petitioning allows the Reform Party to improve its ability to be part of political discussion in the United States.

The first petition focuses on trade reform. Trade protectionism is a value that party supporters have stood for since before the party was formed, and originated during Ross Perot’s first presidential run in 1992. It advocates for leaving NAFTA, WTO and other free trade agreements as well as levying protective tariffs on some foreign goods.
The second petition focuses on reforms that will help small businesses. It focuses on building an environment that small businesses can succeed in, regulatory reform and restructuring the tax system so small businesses can get the same tax advantages as their larger competitors.

Petition number three seeks to create a foundation for a compromise-inspired spending reform and debt elimination plan. It is a comprehensive plan that includes cutting 100 billion dollars in special interest loopholes, passing a balance budget amendment, reforming safety net programs, reforming accounting methods, cutting overlap and reducing waste.

The fourth petition deals with gerrymandering reform. The fifth focuses on opening up the presidential debates, so independent and third party candidates are not shut out unjustly.