Jun 28 2018

Darcy Richardson Running for Governor of Florida

Darcy Richardson has decided to end his bid to topple state Rep. Kim Daniels, D-Jacksonville, to run for governor as the Reform Party’s candidate.

Florida Politics reported this week that Richardson ended his no party affiliated bid against Daniels to run for governor.

Richardson, who lives in Jacksonville,is a familiar name to many activists and political junkies across the nation. Besides serving as the campaign manager for former U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy’s, D-Minn.,  independent presidential campaign in 1988, Richardson is an expert on third-party politics, having written a multivolume history on them and he also writes in various media outlets.

In 2016, Richardson ran for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination but he came up short at the convention, losing to businessman Rocky De La Fuente who has run in more than a half dozen states in various U.S. Senate contests this year.

“The party… seems like a good match and is certainly worth preserving,” Richardson emailed Independent Political Report which broke the news of his 2016 presidential bid. “Each of us, I suppose, must bear witness for the times in which we live.  In the irrational age of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — with the country’s leading nationally-organized third party playing the role of apologist for the presumptive Democratic nominee while trying to gain the establishment’s blessing — a Reform Party candidacy begins to make some sense.”…

Exert from Sunshine State News http://sunshinestatenews.com/story/darcy-richardson-opts-run-governor-reform-party-line

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