Sep 19 2016

Interview with Reform Party Candidate Roque De La Fuente

Recent, the Reform Party Presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente sat down for an Interview with Independent Political Report. Here is an excert:

Gemma:  On foreign policy issues, what are your main concerns — how do they set you apart from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

De La Fuente:  First, it is difficult to determine how my approach differs from those of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because those two individuals have been anything but clear with respect to where they stand on foreign policy.  If you try to decipher their positions, I suppose you could point toward how they both like to brag about their willing to use our strength to impose our will on others.  Trump wants to “bomb the s–t” out of everybody, and Clinton thinks Libya was her greatest policy triumph as Secretary of State — a policy that President Obama has accurately described as the greatest political miscalculation of his Administration.

To succinctly frame my foreign policy position, I believe we should extricate ourselves from the failed exercise of nation building — trying to impose democracy on countries that may not chose to embrace it or may not be ready to build upon it from a cultural perspective.  I would like to see us be less active in that regard as it often leads to us being view negatively among other countries.

We also have a duty to protect our citizens.  If we are attacked or there is a clear and present danger of such attack, then we have every right to defend ourselves.  I simply don’t think we should champion the political rhetoric that both Trump and Clinton have chosen to pursue that suggests that we should use force to intervene in the events of other nations if their cultures differ from ours and we see an opportunity to impose our will.

I am reminded of the Civil War, the most brutal war in the history of our nation.  Just as our country had to suffer through the pain associated with fundamental change, we must allow other countries to find their political equilibrium without always assuming it must reflect ours.

The rest of the interview can be read at this link: http://independentpoliticalreport.com/2016/09/interview-with-rocky-de-la-fuente-independent-and-third-party-candidate-for-president/

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