As Election Nears, Reform Party Looks to the Future

 2012 has been a banner year for the Reform Party as it focuses on rebuilding a viable and self-sustaining party in each of our great states. With a successful convention in Philadelphia last August where Andre Barnett and Ken Cross were nominated as our party’s candidates for President/Vice President and the Platform was updated on to carry us into the next four years, the Reform Party is looking ahead to 2014 as it now turns to increased emphasis on fundraising, communications, candidate recruiting, further platform development, and ballot access in all of the nation’s states, commonwealths, and territories.

Strengthening the Party by Building a Foundation

The Reform Party Executive Committee recently voted to further strengthen the operational structure of the party by creating new committees dedicated to increasing our membership, communications, fundraising, and overall awareness to those who seek a party that truly represents them.

The Communications Committee, Chaired by Nicholas Hensley of the Reform Party of North Carolina, will focus on improving internal party communication to provide a more streamlined and effective way of sharing information and working together among national, state, and local chapters. In addition two special Sub-Committees will be formed to address the National Reform Party’s Social Media sites and to create a database for the proper distribution of Press and News Releases to print, electronic, and other media outlets.

The Fundraising Committee will do just that, raise funds. Working closely with the Communications Committee and State Chairpersons throughout the party, programs and events will be created to reach all donors large and small. Although special emphasis in the beginning will be given to filling the coffers of the General Fund for the national party, funding of future candidates, propositions, and other needs will be addressed.

The Ballot Access Committee, Chaired by Dennis Mikolay of the Reform Party of New York, will work closely with state chapters to obtain ballot access for the 2014 election and any special elections that may arise in the next two years.  Our end goal will be to have ballot access in every state, US commonwealth, and US territory.

The Platform Committee, as authorized by the 2012 Convention through the Executive Committee, will review platform proposals from the state parties, and combine them into a set of proposals for national party approval.  This will include not only comparing similar and conflicting proposals from the state parties, but also doing issues research to ensure the proposals stand up to scrutiny.

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please email us at for more information.