Reform Party of Arkansas

The Reform Party of Arkansas held its first State Convention in 10 years this year and elected state officers, national committee representatives, and convention delegates.  This is the first time Arkansas has sent delegates to a national convention in a decade.  Welcome back Arkansas!

Reform Party of Colorado

The Reform Party of Colorado has gained some new organizers in recent months, and is supporting the independent campaign of Kathleen Curry for the 61st State House district.

Reform Party of Florida

Reform Party of Florida Secretary-Treasurer Cleave Drummond is a write-in candidate (Write In William Cleave Drummond II) for the 1st Congressional District. For more information please visit  He recently participated in a debate with three other candidates, including the current Congressman for District 1, hosted by The Northwest Florida Tea Party on Oct. 9th 2012. He was well received, even by the incumbent Congressman.  Mr. Drummond was specifically invited to participate even though he is a write in, which is unusual at candidate forums and debates.

Also, Florida voters will see Reform Party candidates for President and Vice President on the ballot this election cycle!

For more info, visit

Reform Party of Idaho

We have three new organizers in Idaho and expect to have more frequent updates soon as they get the ball rolling.

Reform Party of Illinois

State Chairman Scott Smith notified us that he has a new and fired up organizer in the Chicago area seeking to serve on national-level committees.  We look forward to working with them.

Reform Party of Maryland

The Reform Party of Maryland held its first state convention in almost 10 years and sent delegates to the national convention.  Also, Reform Party of Maryland Chairman Charles “Sam” Faddis is a regular contributor to various news outlets, getting the Reform Party name out there whenever possible including AND Magazine.  For more info, visit

Reform Party of Michigan

Reform Party of Michigan members and supporters rallied this year to try to get the Reform Party ticket certified as write-in candidates.  Unfortunately, the SOS website was not quite accurate regarding the deadline and the SOS may not count his votes, but we encourage folks to show their support by helping us rebuild for 2014!

Reform Party of New Jersey

The RPNJ has three candidates on the ballot this election cycle:

  • Margaret Chapman – 1st Congressional District
  • Herbert Tarbous – 6th Congressional District
  • Jack Freudenheim – 12th Congressional District


This is the first time Reform Party of New Jersey has had candidates on the ballot in over a decade!  For more information please visit:

Reform Party of New York

The Reform Party of New York sent a lively delegation to the convention, and with good reason!  Having been temporarily affiliated in 2010 by the National Committee, the state party has been looking forward to formal affiliation by the next national convention.  We are pleased to say that this was one of the first items of business and passed unanimously!

Pennsylvania Reform Party

The Pennsylvania Reform Party held a state convention this year and sent delegates to the 2012 Convention, seeking reaffiliation.  Pennsylvania disaffiliated in 2002 and we have been trying to get them back on the team ever since!  We are proud to announce the Pennsylvania delegation sought reaffiliation at this convention, and it was approved unanimously!

Reform Party of Texas

The Reform Party of Texas worked hard this year to get Andre Barnett and Ken Cross registered as valid write-in candidates for President and Vice-President in Texas.  We look forward to running more candidates in 2014!  State Secretary Treasurer David Collison, Harris County Chairman Edward Burke, and Matagorda County Chairman Edward Chlapowski had the opportunity to attend the 20 year Reform Party reunion in Dallas in October as well, and showed the 1990s veterans that the Reform Party is still going strong.  For more information or to volunteer, please visit

Reform Party of Utah

The Reform Party of Utah was able to file the Barnett/Cross ticket as valid write-ins this election and has attracted several new volunteers through their petitioning efforts.  Also, they are running a member, Sarge Froehle, as a write-in for House District 22.  For more information, please visit