Mar 20 2016

Low Approval of Congress Highlights America’s Frustration

The dismally low Congressional approval rating highlights America’s frustration with government leadership. The American government has ignored the will of the people, and acted in on behalf of self interest for far to long. The Reform Party’s leadership has highlighted the following reasons for America’s frustration:

  1. The Loss of Jobs to Foriegn Nations – Since the beginning of Free trade with NAFTA, American manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas. This massive exodus corresponds with falling income rates, increased poverty and mounting unemployment rates in areas traditionally dominated by industry.
  2. Increased Taxes and Growing Federal Debts – As taxes are growing on the middle class, federal debts have been growing out of control. Increased payouts to special interests paid for by American taxpayers have caused the many to subsidize the few.
  3. Rising Cost of Living – The rising cost of living has hampered the ability of the working and middle classes to save and prosper. The cost of basic services, healthcare and education are going up while wages remain stagnant.
  4. Failing Education and Increases in College Tuition – In the modern economy, a college education is a must, but the cost of a college education is out of reach to many, and the quality of American education in general is lagging behind our European counterparts.
  5. Inability to Influence Lawmakers – Americans are frustrated by their inability to influence lawmakers they elected to office. While special interests hire lobbyists to petition lawmakers, regular citizens have a hard time expressing their needs to elected representation.
  6. Inability to Elect True Representation – The Democrats and Republicans have rigged the electoral system, and many voters are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, rather then a candidate they wish to vote for.

The Reform Party wishes to address these issues, and find a way to solve this issues for future generations.

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