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California – The Alan Reynolds Campaign for Lt. Governor of California has announced that it will be on the ballot for the May 8th, primary. This primary will take place on June 3rd. Due to California ballot laws, he will have to place within in the top two vote getters in order to move on to the general election.

“One of my priorities is to restructure the electoral system,” said Alan Reyonolds. “While the top two primary demonstrates people’s desire for a change, I don’t think it adequately represents the people’s interests. I would rather see all of the parties (and Independents) on the ballot in the general election, and use instant runoff voting to let the voters pick the candidates that best represent their beliefs.”

Alan Reynolds is a self employed engineer and serves on a local municipal board. He is running with the endorsement of the Modern Whig and Reform Parties. He is running on a Whig inspired platform based off the party’s national principles. This will be his third run for public office.

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