Reform Party Activist Running for Florida State House District 66

For Immediate Release – Reform Party of Florida Chairman and disability issues activist Paul Bachmann is running for Florida State House District 66. Even though this is his first run for office, Mr. Bachmann has been participating in the American political process for ten years. He has worked on several campaigns in the past, and has an extensive political network due to his past political advocacy.

Florida is one of the few states where the Reform Party maintains ballot access. The state affiliate has spent time and effort to reorganize the state party, and Mr. Bachmann was recruited to serve as its chairman. These efforts have boosted the activity of the party significantly. Local organizers hope that a good showing in District 66 can prove the Reform Party still has a future.

“Party leaders, both Democratic and Republican, have made it clear that members need to vote according to what the leaders say. It is time for State Representatives to represent the people not a political party,” stated Paul Bachmann when asked about his reasons to run.

Mr. Bachmann’s campaign is quickly taking shape. Supporters have started to pledge to donate money and time to his campaign. With these resources, his campaign is becoming one of the better campaigns the Reform Party has mounted in years. Several known Reform Party organizers and officers from Florida and elsewhere are working behind the scenes to find support, but wish to remain anonymous until the campaign has more shape.

The Reform Party is hoping to win more offices, especially after its win in April when Reform Party Candidate Jon Winter won the election for Chairman of Lakeside, Wisconsin.

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