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Reform Party of California Endorses Alan Reynolds for Lt. Governor

The Reform Party of California announced its support of Alan Reynolds for Lt. Governor. This is the Reform Party of California’s first endorsement for the 2014 election, and the second announced candidate for the Reform Party in the nation.

Alan Reynolds grew up in California, and went to public school. Upon graduating, Alan enrolled in USC and majored in aerospace engineering. After college Alan worked as an engineering consultant and technical sales specialist before opening his own business. He currently serves as the vice-chairman of the South Pasadena Freeway and Transportation Commission.

Alan considers himself to be a centrist. According to a letter he published on his website, he believes “Centrists ought to stop defining themselves using a political spectrum that no longer has any meaning. Instead, the political middle ought to start from scratch, building a set of guiding principles that: 1. <ake sense; 2. appeal to the large and growing segment of Americans [and Californians] who are disaffected with the two-party system; and 3. embody the tools necessary to deal with (our) most serious policy challenges”.

The Reform Party of California chose to endorse Alan Reynolds due to his centrist beliefs and moderate platform. His belief in independent thinking fits well with the foundation that the Reform Party of California is trying to build for the party. Alan Reynolds and the Reform Party also share similar views on government reform and fiscal responsibility.

It is possible to learn more about Alan Reynolds by visiting his website at http://www.alansreynolds.com. It is also possible to learn more about the Reform Party by visiting the party’s national website at www.reformparty.org.

For More Information Contact:

Alan Reynolds


Reform Party of California


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