For Immediate Release – The Reform Party Communications Committee, led by Nicholas Hensley of North Carolina, became functional eight months ago, only weeks before the November presidential election. The Communications Committee is staffed with a number of marketing, public relations and political campaign professionals. This group is all volunteer, and most of its members are small business owners.

In its short existence, it has improved the standing of the Reform Party by creating a social networking and media strategy that has improved membership and spread the Reform Party’s message. The committee has compiled a wish list of things it would like to accomplish.

The Reform Party is currently in the final stages of negotiation for a new website. The new website will be much larger, content driven and have better tools to allow the party to network with potential members.

The committee has taken steps to start a monthly newsletter. The first is set to be issued by the end of July. The aim of this newsletter is to inform members of happenings across the country. This is part of a new internal communications strategy that will also consist of starting bi-monthly teleconferences among state and local leaders, and the addition of several new member email lists.

The committee is currently putting together a database of contact information for media outlets across the country. It is more cost effective at this time for the party to distribute its own releases than to use outside services.

Several graphic designers on the committee including Nevada’s Jeff Richards, and Florida Reform Party candidate Cleave Drummond are putting together what the committee is referring to as an “organizer kit”. Upon completion, this kit will contain fliers, pamphlets, signs, posters and other materials necessary for on the ground organizers to go to events and meetings. The Communications Committee is currently seeking volunteers to help with this endeavor.

A new EBook is in the works.  The EBook will raise awareness about the Reform Party, educate voters about the Reform Party’s mission, and raise capital needed for the party’s growth.

The Reform Party’s Communications Committee is also currently looking for cost effective advertising space to help develop its brand, and improve the visibility of the party. At the same time, it is working to build its followings on social media sites.

When completed, these improvements will help drive the party forward. The new infrastructure will be used to recruit members, organize local level ballot access drives, fundraise and spread the message of the party.

The Reform Party is currently seeking donations, in-kind donations and volunteers to help with these projects. Anyone interested in helping the Reform Party with these endeavors can visit the Reform Party’s website at or email a representative at

For More Information Contact:

Nicholas Hensley

Phone: 972-275-9297

Fax: 281-231-2502