Reform Party Issues Statement on Open Letter to Iran

Recently forty-seven GOP senators, led by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, sent an open letter to Iran. This letter highlights both the dysfunction of the United States government, and the dysfunction of the Republican Party.

This letter was aimed at President Obama as he entered nuclear talks with Iran, and geared towards disrupting diplomatic discussions between Iran and the United States. In doing so, the Republicans in the Senate allowed partisan battles to be played out on an international stage. Instead of allowing the United States to show strength in these nuclear talks, this production made the United States appear weak and divided.

When asked about this open letter, several Republican members of the Senate admitted that they had not read the letter. These senators believed that Mitch McConnell’s signature meant that the letter had been vetted. This shows that the Republican Congressional Caucus does not represent their constitutes, but blindly follow Republican Party Leadership.

The Reform Party believes that the Republicans have perverted the idea of representational government. Instead of the representing the people, Republican officeholders are representing the leaders they serve. In doing so, they a weak and divisive government.

The Reform Party believes that a strong government is created when its officeholders represent their constituents and not party bosses. Reform Party officeholders think for themselves, and are not at the beck and call of party leadership.

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