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Reform Party of North Carolina Announces 2014 Endorsements

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC – The Reform Party of North Carolina announced that it will endorse four write in candidates for the upcoming 2014 elections. Since the party was refounded only a few months ago, it did not have the time to recruit candidates before the deadlines closed to file for the November elections. It decided to endorse four candidates that had already filed.

For US Senate, the Reform Party of North Carolina has endorsed writing in Barry Gurney or John Rhodes. This decision came, because neither John Rhodes nor Barry Gurney were running with the backing of any party, and both were independent voices unhampered by special interests. Both of them stood out from the other candidates, because they had no personal baggage that could be used against them during the campaigns.

For North Carolina 9th Congressional District, Reform Party members endorsed Shawn Eckles. Shawn Eckles is an independent that doesn’t believe in parties, and is the only competitor to Republican Robert Pittenger, in one of the most gerrymandered districts in the South East. The local Reform Party members decided to endorse Shawn Eckles, because he seemed genuine to his beliefs that could be supported by the center left wing of the Reform Party. The center left wing of the Reform Party is radically undeveloped, but has been growing since the creation of the Reform Party’s Lost Dog Coalition several months ago.

The last nomination by the Reform Party is to write in Louis Harmati for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. The Reform Party endorsed Louis Harmati, because he was the prime example of North Carolina’s small business voting bloc. He is a retired small business owner with an understanding of what it takes for small businesses to grow and thrive.

Even though none of these candidates are members of the Reform Party, the Reform Party believes that these individuals are better suited to lead North Carolina then their Democratic and Republican opposition. The Reform Party is hoping to make more endorsements at a later time.

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