Reform Party of North Carolina on NC Senatorial Debates

Raleigh, NC – The Reform Party of North Carolina announced a series of endorsements several weeks ago. It did not endorse candidates because the candidates were party members, but instead to shine a spotlight on the fact that there are more than two choices on the ballot. It has been long believed by many voters that they have to vote for the candidate they dislike the least, but the Reform Party doesn’t believe so.

The Reform Party of North Carolina would like to denounce the current debates since none of their endorsed candidates have been allowed to attend. On Wednesday August 3rd, there will be a Senatorial debate, but neither John Rhodes or Barry Gurney have been invited to attend. This debate, hosted by PBS, a nonprofit that takes taxpayer money, did not invite any independent or minor party candidates. This is wrong.

This debate will be the first of three debates planned between Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis in which no minor party or independent candidates were invited. To counter this, Free the Vote has teamed up with the political club at UNC Charlotte to host a fourth all inclusive debate and invited all candidates. All of the minor party and independent candidates have agreed to attend, yet neither the Tillis or Hagan campaigns have responded to their invitations. The Reform Party of North Carolina strongly encourages them to attend, and face the other candidates.

The Reform Party endorsed both John Rhodes and Barry Gurney, because they are independents that are not aligned with either party. Since they are not backed by a party, they do not have to use their voice to appease party bosses, and if elected only have to answer to North Carolina voters.

For More Information Contact:

Nicholas Hensley

Chairman of the Reform Party of North Carolina

Communications Chair of the Reform Party USA


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