Reform Party Seeking to Reorganize Affiliates in States with Easier Ballot Access Laws

The Reform Party of the United States is seeking to reorganize and strengthen affiliates in states where ballot access is easier to obtain. The states where the Reform Party is currently working to establish permanent steering committees are Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii, Vermont, and several others. The Reform Party wishes to also strengthen their ballot qualifying affiliates in New York and Florida.

“We need to reorganize the party, so we can have a strong showing in 2016. If we can start with the easier states like Louisiana and Colorado, then it will help us build resources needed to get ballot access in harder states like North Carolina and Texas. Our goal is to eventually have fifty functioning state affiliates along with full affiliates in Washington DC and all of the American territories”.

To reach this goal, the Reform Party is looking to recruit volunteers, organizers, officers, donors and candidates to help rebuild these affiliates. If anyone wish to help, it is possible to find out more about the Reform Party at www.reformparty.org or contact a representative at info@reformparty.org.

For further info contact:
Nicholas Hensley

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