The Reform Party Announces General Election Candidates


Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley recently sat down with Raquel Okyay of the Liberty Beacon for an interview. During this interview Secretary Hensley announced the general election candidates supported by affiliates of the Reform Party of the United States. Here is an exert from that interview:

“The Reform Party has several candidates in the 2018 elections. Our most watched candidate is for Governor of Florida, Darcy Richardson. Darcy Richardson has decades of political experience. Darcy Richardson has held many party positions and waged several past political campaigns. Darcy Richardson ran the 1988 Euguene McCarthy Presidential Campaign, and was an advisor to McCarthy’s 1992 campaign. After becoming political outsider, Darcy Richardson supported Ross Perot in 1996, Ralph Nader in 2004 and Rocky de La Fuente in 2016. Darcy Richardson is the most experienced candidate we have run for office in recent history.

We have another viable candidate running for California Assembly in District 41. Political outsider Alan Reynolds served eight years as a city commissioner and has the necessary experience to serve the voters of his district. Due to California’s ballot access laws, Alan Reynolds will be the sole challenger of the incumbent. With only one establishment candidate in the race, he has a good chance at winning the election.

In North Carolina, the Reform Party of North Carolina has fielded four candidates for local office. Historically there has been a lack of candidates for county Soil and Water conservation boards. Every two years, voters vote for two candidates for the Soil and Water conservation boards. Sometimes there are enough candidates to fill both seats. For that reason, the Reform Party of North Carolina decided to put four candidates on the sidelines, so they could step in and challenge any uncontested Soil and Water Conservation Board Seats as write in candidates.

In Guilford County, North Carolina former Marine and veteran affairs activist Joe Vodenichar was chosen as the stand by.

In Franklin County, North Carolina the county chair, Richard Kasa is the stand by candidate.

In Wake County, North Carolina the standby candidate is long time Reform Party member Randall Rickman.”

The rest of this article can be found at the Liberty Beacon Website.

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