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William Drummond Drops Out of Florida Race

For Immediate Release

Chipley, Florida – William Drummond II announced today that he will drop out of the race for Florida’s Second Congressional District. Drummond was running under the Reform Party banner, and announced his run early last year. His departure from campaigning creates a three way race between Republican Steve Southerland, Democrat Gwen Graham and Independent Luther Lee.

“I am leaving, because the stress of the campaign is taking a toll on my family,” said William Drummond “I also had to step away from my graphic design business, and wish to get back to it”.

As the campaign winds down, William Drummond is attempting to advance the party. A number of resources he collected will be given to the state and national parties. He will donate his Facebook page to Florida’s Reform Party affiliate, and several other items to the Reform Party’s National Communications Committee. All contributions left in his bank account will be given back to his donors.

William Drummond wants to thank a number of his supporters and volunteers.

“I had a group of supporters that I wish to thank,” Drummond added. “I want to start by thanking the Reform Party supporters that rallied around me. My biggest support came from the Lost Dogs, a group of former Blue Dog Democrats that joined the Reform Party, I look forward to working with them in the future. I want to thank Nick, even though he was on the campaign for only three weeks, he brought expertise and skill to the campaign. He will have a bright career ahead of him. I want to thank Donna for putting together my financial support. I want to thank David for supporting me, and rallying the troops when need be. Lastly, I want to thank my wife for standing by me”.

William Drummond II has not decided if he will run for office in the future.

For More Information Contact:

Nicholas Hensley – Campaign Manager

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