William Drummond Looks Towards Victory in 2014 Race

For Immediate Release – William Drummond II, the Reform Party candidate for Florida’s Second Congressional District, is looking for victory in the November election. He is challenging Republican incumbent Steve Southerland and Democratic newcomer Gwen Graham.

Drummond is a self employed web and graphic designer with no government experience. He is running to challenge the status quo, and represent the average American in the United States Congress. He points to his two opponents when asked how he is different than the two establishment candidates.

“Steve Southerland has shown time and time again that he sides with the special interests at the expense of the people,” said Drummond “and Gwen Graham doesn’t even have a platform to stand on. How can the American voters vote for someone whose principles have been purchased, and a person that has no principles at all?”

Drummonds campaign is smaller than both Graham and Southerland’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s going down easy. The Democratic and Republican parties are expected to spend millions of dollars to support their candidates, but Mr. Drummond has vowed to campaign until the polls close on November 4th.

“When Reform Party’s Jesse Ventura won the Minnesota Governor’s race, the Republican and Democratic parties flooded the state with millions of dollars worth of contributions and support. Jesse’s campaign, with little support, raised and spent only 400,000 dollars. Don’t let the establishment tell you that we can’t win, we can, we have and we will again”.

To find out more about William Drummond, it is possible to visit his website at http://drummondforcongress.org/ or the Reform Party’s national website at www.reformparty.org.

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