WTO Ruling on COOL Statement Attack on American Sovereignty

WTO Ruling on COOL Statement Attack on American Sovereignty

The World Trade Organization breached American sovereignty by ruling that American labeling standards for raw meat, known as COOL, was noncompliant with international trade obligations. This ruling was because WTO officials believed COOL created a trade barrier to US Meat Imports from Canada and Mexico. This ruling gave Mexico and Canada the potential for economic retaliation by levying 3.6 billion in tariffs.

Under COOL guidelines, raw meat must be labeled with the country where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. The Reform Party believes that all consumers have the right to know where their food originates from before they purchase it.

“This ruling shows that the American Government has signed away America’s Sovereignty,” said Reform Party spokesman Nicholas Hensley, “only elected representatives have the power to regulate the American Economy. The fact that foreign interests can penalize us for protecting American consumers is ludicrous. The WTO needs to be reformed, or the United States should end its affiliation with the organization”.

To find out more about the Reform Party, it is possible to visit the organization’s website at www.reformparty.org or email a Reform Party representative at info@reformparty.org.

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