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Reform Party Creates Polls Using Mr. Poll

The Communications Committee is commissioning a series of polls using Mr. Poll. These polls were created to gather information and showcase our issues. Please take a minute to complete them.

The polls are:

One Comment

  1. Mar 2, 2013
    2:49 pm

    Patrick Molen

    I enjoyed the polls. Keep up the good work. I like this high tech website, poll etc. But I believe the Reform Party needs to hit the road the old fashioned way and meet folks at the local level face to face to get the word out on what the Reform Party stands for as an alternative to the dysfunctional kindergarten like Republican and Democratic parties. Set up a table outside a public library, a post office, etc. and meet the local community face to face to answer questions and hand out literature. Then direct them to the website. Staple up Reform Party posters to old wooden Telephone Poles. Get out front and center early before the next election to get brand recognition.

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