Aug 14 2016

Reform Party Hits the Campaign Trail

With less than one hundred days before the election, members of the Reform Party are hitting the campaign trail to support Roque De Le Fuente and other Reform Party candidates.

Nicholas Hensley is the Reform Party’s National Secretary, and a veteran campaigner. “I’ve put together numerous press releases, I’ve done a half dozen interviews, and I’ve talked to hundreds of voters already. We’ve been on the campaign trail for less than a week”.

Former Reform Party Presidential candidate and Reform Party member Darcy Richardson is also on the campaign trail for Roque De Le Fuente. With several radio interviews lined up, he is reportedly using some of his air time to stump for Roque De Le Fuente.

The Reform Party’s social media has long been its staple for advertising. Though smaller then some minor parties, the Reform Party’s well maintained Facebook page has found a way to compete with its rivals. When updated with original content, it has a tendency to out compete the Green and Constitution Party in terms of reach and interactions.

New content is being added the website daily. Since the announcement of Roque De La Fuente as the party’s nominee, the Reform Party’s Communication Committee has made sure that the website is updated at least once a day with new content.

As the Reform Party’s ground game prepares to make an impact with grassroots organizing, the local affiliates are planning to host meet and greets, and put up tables at events.

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