Jan 15 2017

Reform Party Looking for Organizers, Donors, Candidates and Officers

In the last three years, the Reform Party of the United States has tripled its number of officeholders and seen growth. This growth has created further demands for organizers, officers and donors. At the same time, the Reform Party has been increasingly competitive in elections, and can support a growing number of candidates.

The Reform Party’s largest need is organizers on state, local and national levels. These organizers are tasked with overseeing the day to day operations of state and local affiliates. National organizers will serve on or support national standing committees.

The Reform Party is attempting to recruit officers for Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Vermont and other easy ballot access states. By creating ballot lines in these states, the Reform Party will expand its influence and begin registering new members.

The Reform Party is always in need of donors. The Reform Party accepts donations of all sizes, up to the maximum contribution limit. Every dollar the Reform Party receives helps fund Reform Party activities. Since the Reform Party is an all volunteer organization, all contributions go directly to supporting Reform Party efforts.


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