The Reform Party National Committee held its annual in-person meeting on October 22, 2010 in Irving, Texas. The National Officer positions of Vice-Chairman and Secretary were up for election, as well as our Regional Representative positions. Also on the agenda was the temporary affiliation of an affiliate in New York, the Reform Party of New York.
We are pleased to announce the election of:
Vice Chairman: Rodney Martin (CA)
Secretary: Jacob Zychick (NJ)
Northeast: Mike Hackmer (VA)
Southeast: Donna Shankle (FL)
Southwest: Linda Howerton (TX)
Midwest: Scott Smith (IL)
Pacific: Mark Kravis (CA)
Elections for New England and the Northwest regions were deferred. New England’s Regional Representative position remains vacant pending an election. The Northwest Regional Representative position has since been filled. The officers will serve four-year terms, while the Regional Representatives will serve two-year terms.  In upcoming issues, we will feature a brief bio of each of our officers.
We are also excited to announce the temporary affiliation of the Reform Party of New York. Temporary affiliation allows the state party to participate in Reform Party activities until the next national convention is able to vote on full affiliation. The Reform Party USA has not had an affiliate in New York State since the Independence Party of New York disaffiliated in 2000.