Oct 10 2015

Reform Party of North Carolina Opens Headquarters

Franklin County, NC – The Reform Party of Franklin County has announced that they have opened a headquarters approximately ten miles outside of Raleigh, NC. This headquarters will also serve as the interim headquarters of the Reform Party of North Carolina.

“Franklin County is an important county,” said Reform Party Chairman Nicholas Hensley. “The demographics of Franklin County make it an important swing county in elections, and since it’s close to Raleigh, the population of the county has the potential to grow”.

This headquarters is centered out of a workshop owned by Rick Kasa, the Reform Party chairman of Franklin County, and the state party’s Secretary. He ran his metalworking business out of the workshop for several years before it was closed due to the recession, which shuttered thousands of small businesses around the United States.

” One of the reasons I decided to get involved politically,” said Richard Kasa “is that the failed policies of the two parties have hampered small businesses and created an economic playing field that makes it hard to compete. One of my many goals is to support small businesses, so they prosper and thrive”.

The Reform Party hopes to hold a meeting at their new headquarters in the next few weeks to discuss their ballot access drive, and other issues.

IT is possible to learn more about the Reform Party of North Carolina by emailing a representative at NCReformparty@yahoo.com or visiting their website at www.reformpartync.org.

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