Oct 22 2016

Reform Party Secretary Speaks on the Outcome of Presidential Debates

“The political stances Hillary and Trump do not matter. This is all a game, and it’s foolish to believe that these people will bring any real change to government.

During the George W. Bush administration, the Republicans controlled both the legislature and the Presidency. During that time period not a single bill banning abortion or gay marriage made it through committee.

During the Barack Obama administration, the Democrats controlled the legislature and the Presidency. Similarly, no bills to legalize gay marriage or abortion made it through committee.

Why is that? Why has no headway been made on social issues – through federal legislation in my lifetime? It’s because the moment these issues are resolved, politicians can’t use them to get people to the polls. Due to this reason, these issues will never be resolved.” – Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley

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  1. Bill Wojtas

    While this may have some truth, I dont think that your comment is fair, until we give him some time to prove you to be right or wrong. Not being a politician may bring surprise on what we does. But most of all, this election brings to the top of the pile, the fact that a two party system is no longer in the best interests of the American People. We are not a truly 50 / 50 bunch, our ideals are across a wide spectrum of red and blue, creating a lot of purple. Few of us are truly right or left wing extremists. We need more choice, we need the third parties to be allowed full access to ballots and debates, but as a people if we sit back and hope someone else will do it, like congress, it will never get done. We as the People need to force the issue and MAKE it happen. No one will do it for us.

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