Reform Party Seeking Professional Fundraisers

The Reform Party of the United States is building its fundraising network, and focusing on raising money. As the party grows, it will need more capital to fund outreach, candidates and ballot access. To help build this network, the Reform Party is doing research on professional fundraisers.

“We are looking to work with a reputable operation,” said Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley.

The Reform Party is looking for commissioned based, nonexclusive fundraisers, and hopes to broaden its net by working with multiple fundraisers. The Reform Party has also made calls for small donations to fund its new website, and other pieces of infrastructure.

“Successful political parties have a fundraising network,” said Reform Party Chair David Collison “and that’s what the Reform Party needs to build in order to succeed”.

Several state parties may also be looking for professional fundraisers. The Reform Party of Florida made a fundraising call earlier this year, and the Reform Party of North Carolina is looking to raise money for ballot access petitioners.

Any interested parties can send an email to for more information.

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