This statement was released by the Reform Party of North Carolina:

Barack Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low. Congressional job approval is currently a dismal 8.9 percent. These numbers symbolize America’s growing frustration with their government officials, and the culture on Capitol Hill.

Over the past thirteen years the Republicans and Democrats have taken turns running and mismanaging the country. Their actions have damaged the country’s economy, fiscal future, and general wellbeing. These three items took the United States generations to build, and have been damaged to an extent that it will take decades for them to recover.

In 2000 Republican George Bush took office. At that time the country was at peace, the economy was in an upswing, and the government budget was balanced. Prior to Bush taking office the government had a debt worth 5.6 trillion dollars and it was shrinking.

When Bush left, eight years later, the country was in two wars. The debt had risen to over ten trillion dollars, and the economy had been thrown in to a recession.

In 2008 Barack Obama took over as president. During the first year of his presidency the Democrats had a veto proof majority in the Senate and a large majority in the House of Representatives. His first two major legislative victories were the creation of a giant spending project that cost the country trillions of dollars, and the passage of a heath care act that was poorly executed.

By the end of his first term in 2012, the Democrats raised the national debt to 16 trillion dollars. Due to poor economic policy, and the expansion of free trade, trade deficits have risen dramatically. These trade deficits, along with poor handling of the economy, contribute to a prolonged economic recovery.

The Reform Party wishes to address the problems related to America’s fiscal health, economy and wellbeing. The party believes that its solutions lay the best course for the America’s future.

Through trade deals such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO the Democrats and Republicans have expanded free trade. Since the start of free trade agreements with NAFTA in 1992, America’s trade deficit rose from 39.2 billion dollars to 559.8 billion in 2011, or an increase of over 1428 percent. The increase in this deficit was caused by the outsourcing of jobs, and the exploitation of unregulated environments and labor overseas.

The Reform Party proposes that trade agreements be reformed in ways that end free trade, and bring jobs back to the United States. The party believes that new trade deals should benefit both the United States and its trading partners. No one side of a trade deal should reap all rewards.

The Reform Party wishes to reform American tax law. The current tax code consists of over a million words and over 3,450 pages. The tax code contains numerous problems including, but not limited to, loopholes that favor some over others, and unnecessary provisions.

The party wishes to put together a simple, easy to follow tax code with few loopholes. This tax code would be revenue neutral and not benefit one person or corporation over another.

The United States has a patchwork regulatory system. Years of mismanagement have left some sectors of the economy over regulated and other sectors poorly regulated. The Reform Party wishes to make a line by line review of all existing regulation. During this review, the Reform Party will propose legislation to regulate what needs more regulating, and cut regulations that need to be cut.

Government spending has run ramped. In 2013 the country faces a deficit of 680 billion dollars. This deficit will feed a debt of over 17 trillion dollars. The Reform Party proposes cutting spending by reigning in social safety programs, reorganizing departments and agencies, reducing waste in the defense budget, reducing fraud, improving government accounting systems and cutting unnecessary programs. This spending reform would be the largest in history.

Once America’s spending is cut to a manageable level, the Reform Party will work to create a balance budget amendment to stop unnecessary borrowing. It would also put together a plan to pay outstanding government debts within 25 years.

In 2014 the Reform Party will run members for local, state and federal office. Without people in office, these proposals will just be dreams. To turn these dreams into reality, the Reform Party needs your support.