Aug 04 2017

Reform Party Statement on Party Principles

Many politicians and political parties change with the wind, and move in the direction of least resistance. The Reform Party has stood proudly against the establishment since 1996, and will not move away from opening the ballots, ending gerrymandering and limiting the influence of lobbyists on legislators.

True reform in the United States will be found when the ballot access laws are changed to open the ballots to all parties, and gerrymandering is outlawed so entrenched politicians can be voted out of office. The Peoples’ will be heard when paid lobbyists are sidelined in favor of public opinion.

These issues have created a deficit in Washington DC. The entrenched Washington politicians have done a good job of bringing attention away from real issues since the election. Since there is no check on their corruption, real issues are being sideline. For example, what has happened to the promises to create jobs through infrastructure reform, and balancing the budget through deficit reduction? This issues can be faced when ballot access, gerrymandering and lobbying laws are changed.

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