The Reform Party of the United States takes no stance on social issues, and allows its candidates to build their own social platforms. Over the years, numerous voters and politicians have called the party out on its “failure to make up its mind” and say that the party “needs to take the side of one or the other”. The Reform Party has made its decision, it has taken a side. The Reform Party has decided that it doesn’t want to deal with flimflam and tomfoolery.

The only reason that the Democrats and Republicans care about social issues, is because of votes. The Congressional Democrats do not care about gay marriage and the Republicans do not care about abortion. After the 2008 election, the Democratic Party had a supermajority in the Senate, a majority in the House of Representatives and President Obama in the Whitehouse. During that time, not one bill on gay marriage made it to committee. If they were serious about passing gay marriage, they would have at least tried something, even if it failed.

On the flip side, in 2000, the Republicans had a majority in the Senate, a majority in the House and George W. Bush was President of the United States. During that time, not a single bill about abortion made it to a Congressional Committee. Not one try was made to ban abortions.

The reason is that these issues are used solely to drive votes. The moment the Republicans ban all abortions at the federal level, the issue of abortion can no longer be used to turn out voters. As soon as the Democrats legalize gay marriage at a federal level, the Republicans can use the issue of overturning it to drive out votes, but the Democrats cannot use the issue of legalizing it to drive voters to the polls. Both parties lose the moment they win, thus the Democrats and Republicans have decided to forgo abortion and gay marriage legislation.

The Reform Party has decided to stand above the fray, and not use false promises to turnout voters. The Reform Party seeks to provide honest leadership, and there is no honesty in the social issue debate. By not taking a side, we do not freed the frenzy.