Sep 09 2016

Reform Party Presidential Candidate Roque De La Fuente on Ballot in Florida and Elsewhere

Reform Party Presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente will be on the Florida ballot, and the Florida Board of Elections has accepted the Reform Party’s slate of electors. It is important to be on the Florida ballot, because it is the most important swing state in the country, and has the best chance of swinging the presidential election one way or the other. Roque De La Fuente used a large amount of resources in Florida towards his senate primary race, and much of the recognition he received in that race will carry over to the general election.

Roque De La Funte will also be on the ballot in a number of other states including, but not limited to, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Minnesota, Utah, Tennessee, and Wyoming. Mr. De La Fuente also has ongoing litigation in Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina over their unconstitutional ballot access laws. In addition he has ongoing litigation in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Arkansas where De La Fuente qualified for the ballot, but the respective board of elections are trying to bar him from the ballot.

This is a large step up for the Reform Party. In the last election, the Reform Party’s candidate only had ballot access in Florida.

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