Dec 19 2016

Reform Party Secretary Issues Statement on Donald Trump Presidency and 2016 Election

The Electoral College has spoken. On January 20th, 2017, President Elect Donald Trump will take the oath of Office, and become the 45th President of the United States. Though he was not the Reform Party nominee, the Reform Party wishes to congratulate future President Trump, and offer our best regards.

One must respect the office of the President. As the leader of the greatest nation, the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the free world. The Reform Party shall offer President Elect Donald Trump the same respect it extended to President Barack Obama. The Reform Party also looks forward to building a positive relationship with President Trump. We wish work to with him in creating a new era of honest leadership and real solutions.

Though the Presidency must be respected, the President must also be held accountable. President Elect Donald Trump has promised many things, but history has shown there is a difference between promises and action. The Reform Party shall hold President elect Donald Trump to his promises of balanced budgets, infrastructure renewal, term limits and trade reform. If he finds it needed, we offer our aid in finding solutions for these issues.

Our recent gains show that the future of the Reform Party is bright. This loss shall not define us. Our mission has not ended. The Reform Party shall move forward.

Using our platform as a vehicle for reform, we hope to improve the American democracy by facilitating positive discussion. Therefore the Reform Party shall act as it has always acted. As the voice of populist opposition, the Reform Party shall provide guidance through supporting policy we agree with, and voicing concern on policy we oppose.

Finally, the Reform Party would like to extend a hand in gratitude to those that helped us over the past four years. During this time period, we extended our reach from one state to many. We have tripled the number of Reform Party members in office. We owe the ground we gained to those that sacrificed for the cause. Though some establishment critics disagree, they should remain silent, for those that can do, and those that can’t criticize. Don’t allow them to say our sacrifices are for not.

Thank you for your work and dedication,

Nicholas Hensley


Reform Party National Committee

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