– The last time the United States had a trade surplus was 1975.

– The United States has had a growing trade deficit with China since 1985, and its largest trade deficits are with Asian nations.

– According to government data, since the start of free trade agreements with NAFTA in 1992, America’s trade deficit rose from 39.2 billion dollars to 559.8 billion in 2011, or an increase of over 1428 percent. The increase in this deficit was caused by the outsourcing of jobs, and the exploitation of unregulated environments and labor overseas.

– According to government data, before the start of the Central America Free Trade Agreement, the United States had trade surpluses with most nations involved. Now the United States has trade deficits with most.

– A 2011 opinion poll showed the American public has moved from “broad opposition” to “overwhelming opposition” toward NAFTA-style trade deals. An NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll from September 2010 revealed that “the impact of trade and outsourcing is one of the only issues on which Americans of different classes, occupations and political persuasions agree” with 86% believing that outsourcing jobs “a top cause of our economic woes,” and 69% indicating that “free trade agreements between the United States and other countries cost the U.S. jobs.” Only 17% of Americans in 2010 felt that “free trade agreements” benefit the U.S., compared to 28% in 2007.